We are atalogic! We empower brands to have a meaningful impact on consumers by creating immersive digital experience to drive attraction, engagement and transaction.

We create digital branding strategies that helps you boost product sales in a competitive market. We develop web solutions, organise large scale events, produce Ad-films, music, visual graphics and carry-out varied digital transformation engagements.

We re-define storytelling for the ever changing digital landscape where brand experience flows through digital, social, mobile and e-commerce as part of a single moment.

You can outsource any problem to atalogic that is not your core competency, we provide you solutions every step of the way.


Harness the efficiency of digital age with confidence, from vision to reality we help.

Esports Events

Esports Championship, League Operations, Creative Content etc.

Digital Marketing

SEO, Social Media, Creative Content, Campaign design etc.

Film Production

Ad-Film, Music Video, Animation, Visual Effects, Production services

Web Development

Web application design, development and post implementation services

Corporate Branding

Brand Audit, Brand Design, Verbal Identity, Positioning, Brand Guide etc.

Music & Audio

Music composition, Voice Overs, Guided tours etc.

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