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Brand Design
Brand Audit

Brand audit is an assessment of the brand’s position in the market and how it is interpreted by the target users. Brand audit serves as the basis for all the subsequent stages of branding. atalogic team has many years’ experience carrying out brand audits and devising unique brand positioning for various markets.

Based on the thorough brand audit atalogic plans the next steps in the construction of the brand with clarity and precision. All visual and creative solutions serve to embody the positioning of the brand.

Brand Design

Companies are deliberately confused with many fancy digital marketing buzzwords these days, every other white-paper introduces a new terminology, but you don’t have to worry, you have come to the right team who knows it all inside out.

At atalogic we believe, a brand is not any individual element but the entirety of your perceived corporate image. Sure, it includes your logo. Think of the iconic “f” for Facebook or “t” for twitter, it’s instantly recognisable but is it just the logo, perhaps not.

Your brand includes varied design elements, such as which colors represent your company, how your logo appears on different communication mediums, how your creatives, presentations, website or a mobile app look and carry the same UI representation. Your brand also encompasses your company’s values, the emotional connections you have with clients and the services you provide.

Verbal Identity

Verbal identity is often informed by the narrative models employed in the company’s copy. Narrative modelling relies on the assumption that human beings frame their experiences in terms of various classes of a “story” and the notion that people will respond more positively to a story which they can easily recognise and follow. Brands which are struggling to become known within their market can often benefit from a change in narrative model, without any alteration to the product or service. In simple words, its about how well you communicate your story based on the targeted consumer. For example, to cater to Indian urban and rural consumer, Reliance came up with marketing slogans like “Kar lo duniya mutthi mein” which quickly connected with the targeted user base.

At atalogic we strongly believe, the Verbal Identity is the connection between a brand and its’ user’s emotional quotient.

Brand Positioning

Brand positioning is precisely-phrased information about a brand’s price range, main features, competitive advantages, character and values. The key aspects of positioning are brand promise, which is based on consumer insight, and brand essence.

Positioning is the result of a whole set of research and analytical work, the most important stage of which is the brand audit. Based on the assessment of the brand’s position in the market, it is there by determined how the brand is interpreted by all the target audiences.

Brand Guide

Brand guide is the essential tool for companies that gives clear guidelines on how to communicate a brand effectively across all their communication channels. It details the style, voice and the intended audience of a company that ensures consistency across all mediums of communication. It is very important for a company to publish its Brand Guide varied stakeholders like marketing team, developers, designers and event partners. atalogic doesn’t just design a logo or a corporate template, we provide you end to end services that cater to all your branding requirements.

Build brand loyalty on shared values with your consumers. It is not the number of interactions a buyer has with your brand, but the quality and reliability of the interaction.

The main benefit of branding tools, and reasons to employ them, is to boost profits.

The greatest negative impact of inconsistent brand usage is the creation of confusion in the market.

89% of B2B marketers say brand awareness is the most important goal, followed by sales and lead generation.

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