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Hosting an event isn’t an easy task. Your organisation has to strategically target people who are genuinely interested in the subject matter and are more likely to discuss about it on the social media and spread the positive sentiment. Meeting the event objective and attendee satisfaction is of utmost importance. The success is clearly attributed to how many attendees actually joined the event and are more likely to join the next similar activity voluntarily. In the past few years, we have organised many large scale events joined by thousands of attendees and reached out to millions on social media. So far we have organised 38 events across India, majority of which targeted tech savvy youth and Esports enthusiasts.

Esports for Everyone | Annual Esports Convention

“Esports for Everyone” is an annual Esports convention organised by atalogic to promote Esports in India with an objective to create regional Esports communities. Esports isn’t just about playing video games or a mere “past time” it’s a booming industry with versatile professional career paths for those interested in pursuing their passion for Esports.

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